Recover Deleted WhatsApp Photos – Simple Tricks

WhatsApp is the largest messenger application in the world, it has over 5 Billion plus downloads on the Google Play store and 31.8 Million people downloaded on iOS devices. People used to chat and share memes and media among other people. Sometimes, users delete photos in the chats accidentally and want to restore them. Then, we bring you some simple ways to recover deleted WhatsApp photos.

Ways to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Photos

1. Recover Deleted WhatsApp Photos From Phone

recover deleted WhatsApp photos from phone

As a matter of course, on both Android and iPhone, WhatsApp will naturally download pictures from your chats to your phone. The primary location you should check to get back deleted photos from WhatsApp is your phone’s Photos(Gallery) application.

On Android, view the Gallery application or Google Photos. iPhone clients should look into the Photos app. To lower your hassle, change to the Albums tab and search for WhatsApp. You can also use the search bar of the application to check around the time the picture was sent. Assuming that you find your deleted WhatsApp photograph. You actually have a duplicate and can send or share it with anyone you like.

2. Recover Deleted Photos Sent by Someone Else

recover deleted WhatsApp photos sent by someone else

You should next verify whether the individual (or individuals) you were chatting to have a duplicate of the message with the lost media saved. If you sent a photo and afterward deleted it for yourself, another person in the chat could in any case have it.

You can ask the person to check their WhatsApp chat for the photo. If they have it, they can send you the picture, or even save it to their phone or share it somewhere you want. Since you tapped Delete For Me on a photo in WhatsApp doesn’t mean it’s deleted for everybody.

3. Recover Deleted Photos from Cloud Backup

recover deleted WhatsApp photos from cloud backup

Both the Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp support backups (to Google Drive and iCloud, respectively). If you deleted a photo a long time ago, restoring your most recent WhatsApp backup is your most appropriate option. This expects you to have enabled WhatsApp’s backup highlight prior to deleting the picture. In the case, you haven’t backed up in the past, this won’t work for you.

To begin with, explore Settings > Chats > Chat Backup. You’ll see data here, including when the most recent backup ran and how frequently you’re set to back up your chats and data. In the event that you deleted the photos since the last backup, you can uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp to restore the backup and also your photos.

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