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Most Fair Play Award in IPL 2021

IPL is famous for its unique features and promoting sportsmanship spirit in the game. IPL Fair Play Award is one of those unique features. It is being awarded to a team with the highest fair play score, at the end of the season.  

The fair play award IPL 2021 is won by Rajasthan Royals for the second time. And Dhoni-led CSK is the only team to have won fair play award 6 times. 

Let’s go back to see which team has won the fair play award and for how many times. Also, we’ve documented some brief details about the fair play award for how a team can earn this award.

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IPL Fair Play Table: 

In a country where people are madly in love with cricket, players perform with their sweat and blood. And to add to it, they get appreciated for it as well. IPL Fair Play Award is an ingredient of that appreciation. Also, it promotes a positive vibe throughout the tournament. 

This award is being awarded based on points given by umpires to each team. So basically, during each match both of the teams are being observed by the two on-field umpires and the third umpire. Then, both teams are given points at the end of the match. 

Eventually, the team that has the highest points at the end of the tournament win this award. These points are given based on many different categories, such as:

  • To show sportsmanship spirit
  • To not break any law
  • To show respect to the opponent team
  • To follow the game rules
  • For maintaining a positive environment on the field
  • To show respect towards the umpires

During each match, a team can earn a total of 10 points. And following is the points distribution for the IPL fair play award.

  • 4 points for maintaining the spirit of the game
  • 2 points for showing respect towards the opponents
  • 2 points for respecting the laws of the game
  • 2 points for respecting all of the umpires 

Earning 2 points in the game means, the team performed ‘good.’ Whereas, earning a single point concludes the ‘average’ performance of the game. And lastly, zero points indicates ‘bad’ performance of the team. 

Among the 8 IPL teams, Delhi Capitals, Kolkata Knight Riders, and Royal Challengers Bangalore are those who never have won the IPL fair award. 

On the other side, CSK is the only team that won the most fair play awards in IPL. Last year, Rajasthan Royals won the IPL fair play award 2021 for the second time, after having won it once in 2012. And Mumbai Indians won the fair play award IPL 2020. 

While Punjab Kings are the only active team to have won this award only once. And Gujrat Lions is the only defunct team among the other 4 teams to have won this prestigious award. 

Here’s a tabular list of IPL fair award winners throughout the years.

IPL SeasonTeam
2021Rajasthan Royals
2020Mumbai Indians
2020Sunrisers Hyderabad
2018Mumbai Indians
2017Gujrat Lions
2016Sunrisers Hyderabad
2015Chennai Super Kings 
2014Chennai Super Kings
2013Chennai Super Kings
2012Rajasthan Royals 
2011Chennai Super Kings
2010Chennai Super Kings
2009Kings XI Punjab
2008Chennai Super Kings

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