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Gamer’s Choice: How to Choose a Game Console?

It’s been almost 42 years since the first video game console was introduced in 1972! Since then, they have gone far ahead in their development and now boast superior graphics quality, incredible and intricate game plots, and the ability to control without a joystick. In addition, gaming consoles can be used not only to play computer games – it’s a great opportunity for fans of gambling, to play on sites such as 20bet.com/casino. But how do you choose this great medium of entertainment? We’ll tell you!

Hard Drive Availability

A game console is a device, appearance, and characteristics resembling a computer system unit. Its difference is that it is designed for games. Therefore, the technical characteristics of the console are similar to the characteristics of the computer. The consoles have a processor, RAM, a video processor (analog of the video card), and a hard drive (or flash memory).

If the basic characteristics of the consoles are similar to each other, then the presence of a hard drive will allow you to save games and movies on it. This is very convenient because games are often run with discs, which are not cheap, and which are more profitable to rent. And if you have a hard drive – you can rent a disk, burn it, then change it, get another one, and so on – so you get a lot of games for a reasonable price.

Also worth noting is the fact that all game consoles play DVD movies and can be used as a multimedia player. In this case, the presence of a hard drive will also have a positive effect on the device – you can store your favorite video library there.

Joystick (controller)

A controller, also known as a joystick, is a device that controls the game console and the games themselves. Their form is designed with ergonomics in mind and has the maximum comfort to reduce hand fatigue. Modern joysticks are usually wireless. The absence of wires allows you to interact with the console from anywhere in the room.

When choosing, pay attention to the way the controller is powered – it can be a battery or batteries. The latter are more convenient because they can be easily replaced, but they have a shorter life than the battery.


The basic configuration of gaming consoles contains a console and a joystick.

As a rule, it is a necessary minimum for everyday use, but it is not enough to work with all the functions of the device. Firstly, to use consoles requires discs with games – they can be purchased separately or come with a set, and secondly, much more enjoyable to play the console for two or even four – thankfully there are plenty of games for this. Third, modern consoles are equipped with cameras that allow you to interact with the console (including games) by using words, gestures, and body position – for this you need these very cameras. You can also connect headphones with a microphone to the console – it’s convenient for negotiations in online games.

Audio and Video Outputs

The operation of the console is possible only with a TV or monitor. Therefore, pay attention to what outputs are used to connect it. These can be:

  • RCA. The so-called “RCA”. The most common, but already outdated and does not provide high image quality.
  • HDMI. An interface that allows you to transmit high-resolution video data. Games and movies will be broadcast in high quality.

More Functions

  • Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi module allows you to play online games and access the Internet.
  • Blue-ray. The ability to play Blu-ray discs allows you to watch movies in excellent quality with the console


At the moment, there are three models of gaming consoles from different manufacturers on the market. These are Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, and Nintendo. Let us consider them in detail.

  • Xbox is a gaming console from Microsoft, the manufacturer of the well-known Windows operating system. This console has appeared on the market before its competitors and is characterized by a large number of available games. A video device that allows you to interact with the console using words and gestures is called in this model Kinect. The interaction does not require any special joysticks – Kinect catches the movements of your body. The most common model of the Xbox is the Xbox 360, the latest version is the Xbox One.
  • PlayStation is a game console from Sony. It is one of the most famous gaming consoles, which supports the connection of various third-party accessories. A video device that allows you to interact with the console using words and gestures is called in this model Move. The interaction requires a special joystick in the form of a small stick with a ball. A common model is the PlayStation 3, the latest version is the PlayStation 4.
  • Nintendo Wii – gaming console from the company of the same name. This model is somewhat different from other models because it supports only casual games (games like Tetris, chess, logic and arcade games and quests) and sports games. In complex games with a high level of graphics and intricate plot it can not play. However, there is a silver lining – Nintendo is great for playing with the whole family and for children. The video device that allows you to interact with the console using words and gestures on the Nintendo Wii does not have a separate name and comes with it. It uses a “nunchuck” controller and a Wiimote remote control to interact. The widespread model is Wii, the latest version is Wii U (it should be said that with the release of the last version the range of possible games has significantly expanded – now on Wii U you can play various modern games with high-quality graphics, but their number is still small).

Don’t forget that all the game consoles support only the games that are released specifically for them.

Play with pleasure!

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