Snapchat Streak Restore – Ways To Restore

Snapchat is a well-known and fun messaging application that allows you to talk with companions, dive in, find and view overall stories. Snapchat allows clients to trade snaps(photos or recordings) that vanish after they are seen. You can likewise reload a snap once in 24 hours. Trading ordinary snaps with fun and cool filters, lenses, or different effects with your known ones and that is Snapstreaks. A Snapstreak is the number of days that you and a friend have been trading snaps every day. Snapstreaks must be kept up with by sending each other snaps, nothing else counts. In this article, we will tell you how the Snapchat streak restores. Read the article completely to know how to get a snap streak back?

How To Restore Snapchat Streak

In any case, you have forgotten or missed a day to send a snap to your friends and contacts, then, the snap streak will vanish. But the fact that Snapchat offers a notification as an image of an hourglass on the chat nudging you to send a snap.

Snapchat support
Snapstreaks problem
Contact Snapchat
  1. Open the Snapchat app on your phone.
  2. Launch settings and scroll down to Supports tab.
  3. Now, Tap on I Need Help.
  4. Then, Tap on Snapstreaks
  5. Tap on Let us know in the What if my snapstreak has gone option.
  6. Tap on My Snapstreaks disappeared.
  7. Fill in the form displayed on the phone with correct information.
  8. Tap on Send.

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