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Four Apps Like Truecaller you may Find Useful

Truecaller has acquired huge fame throughout the years for its caller ID feature. This is a fighting tool with regards to battling spam calls, and the application likewise offers call-blocking, messaging, call recording, and chat and voice over the internet to company the caller ID highlight. In any case, it isn’t the just application available that offers these elements. So how about we check out the apps like Truecaller to see which one is appropriate for you.

Four Apps like Truecaller

1. Whoscall – Caller ID & Block

Whoscall - Caller ID & Block
Whoscall – Caller ID & Block

Download: Android | iOS

Whoscall is one of the most renowned caller id applications for phones. It has organizations with different states and industry pioneers like LG, Samsung, Korean National Police Agency, and Taiwan National Police Administration. With north of 50 million downloads around the world, the application obstructed three billion spam brings in 2020. Whoscall has rich dialer highlights just as an in-app messaging feature, and you can likewise utilize it to obstruct explicit numbers. It offers a reverse query to recover the ID related to the number before you even dial it. It likewise permits you to recognize obscure calls and messages without net access.

This app centers around its security to guarantee the security of your information. It is trusted by eminent organizations and state-run administrations all over the planet. The application works in disconnected mode too and has more than one billion telephone numbers in its data set.

2. Showcaller: Caller ID & Block

Showcaller: Caller ID & Block
Showcaller: Caller ID & Block

Download: Android | iOS

Showcaller is one better option in contrast to Truecaller. Trust of in excess of 50 million users, distinguishes spam calls and the caller’s region. Showcaller offers a brilliant T9 dialer that you can use as your default dialer. It gives simple access to frequently used contacts and can likewise block explicit numbers. You can get to its information base without web access as it has offline database support.

Showcaller is additionally one of the safer applications in its class. It doesn’t source its information from user contacts, and its premium version is also not that costly. From the reviews, its user support service has had issues before, and its UI isn’t easy to use.

3. Eyecon CallerID & Spam Blocker

Eyecon CallerID & Spam Blocker
Eyecon CallerID & Spam Blocker

Download: Android | iOS

Eyecon is a caller ID and phone dialer app. A US-based application with in excess of 50 million users around the world, it has a 4.5 rating on Google Play and 4.6 on the App Store. Eyecon transforms contacts into a visual display and has a beautiful default dialer with full-screen contact photos. The UI is pretty easy to use, and a battery-efficient app. It has a Toki feature that permits you to have short, walkie-talkie-style voice discussions with friends and known ones.

This app matches up the profile photo of your Facebook friends with those of your phone contacts and offers a call recording feature on older Android mobile phones (however not iPhones). The free version of the application includes advertisements and offers limited contact queries.

4. CallApp: Caller ID & Recording

CallApp: Caller ID & Recording
CallApp: Caller ID & Recording

Download: Android

CallApp is a one-all call blocking, dialer, and messaging application. It is among the most downloaded caller ID application, with more than 100 million downloads on Google Play. In CallApp, you’ll have a benefit of a decent UI. Also, it offers great personalization choices for you to change the look and feel of the application as per your taste. It will show you missed call updates and furthermore some AI-fueled bits of knowledge, which can be especially helpful.

CallApp records both incoming and outgoing calls on older Android mobiles and furthermore has a feature that lets you know who saw your profile. It is not battery efficient, and the premium version is somewhat on the costly side.

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