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The Best Heroes on Clash of Clans By LDPlayer

Clash of Clans is getting huge clout day by day, and it has been the most popular game among worldwide gamers. Here are also strategies and battles available in this game, and it must have been a specialized feature for this game to have so much popularity. Now you can download Clash of Clans on PC. without playing it on a small gaming console.

If you want to play this strategic yet fantastic game, our best recommendation is to use LDPlayer. 

LDPlayer is the world’s powerful android emulator, and it lets you have the best gaming experience with all kinds of mobile games for sure. It has some added features to enhance the gaming experience better than mobile, and it is time to begin your gaming experience of Clash of Clans with LDPlayer.

When talking about Clash of Clans’ gameplay, there are the best heroes to deal with, and you have to select them wisely for your clans and the battles. Who are they, and what they can do in the game? Let’s find out.

Barbarian King

Barbarian King is looking like a just barbarian from his appearance. He is dealing with massive damage to his all enemies, and he can also destroy anything he sees in his path. Barbarian King is more invading with his defending skills, and he is genuinely launching in a great devastating range. He does this when he attacks his enemies or in situations where his abilities are unlocked.

Barbarian King belongs to the immortal unit, and it makes him only summon once. If this hero gets injured or damaged within battles, he can regenerate his health by taking asleep for a period and then being available for use again. Barbarian King is relay capable of defending the villages when he is not regenerating his health.

The skins of Barbarian King

There are 12 types of skins with the barbarian king as follows.

  • Barbarian king
  • Jolly king
  • Champion king
  • Gladiator king
  • Primal king
  • Pirate king
  • P.E.K.K.A. King
  • Clockwork king
  • Warrior king
  • Skeleton king
  • Party king
  • Rogue king

Archer Queen

Archer Queen is a huntress, and she is a good master in her destructive force. She is super vital with her health, and she is sniping her all territories when deals with defends. Archer queen can summon the stealth, and she is capable of scaring the damage. This queen does that when she engages in attacks when her royal clock ability is unlocked.

This hero, Archer queen, can shoot three arrows rapidly in a one-shot but remember that they are not affecting multiple targets. So as the barbarian king, Archer queen also belongs to the immortal, and there is only a need to summon once for her. She regenerates her own health when she gets injured by taking a period of sleep.

The skins of Archer Queen

There are ten skins with this queen as follows.

  • Archer queen
  • Warrior queen
  • Gladiator queen
  • Valkyrie queen
  • Primal queen
  • Clockwork queen
  • Autumn queen
  • Pirate queen
  • Ice queen
  • Rogue queen

Grand Warden

Grand Warden is a veteran, and he seeks all friend groups to find behind. He searches these to boost his life aura, and he can assume tower form on the defense. When talking about Grand veteran attacking, he is capable of walking over walls or fly. When the grand warden’s eternal tome ability is unlocked, he can help nearby all troops by increasing their immunity.

Grand Warden is known to be a single target unit, and he will be unlocked in level 11 of the town hall. You can see that his man is the third hero of the clans, and he is somewhat weak in his physical strengths and self-defense skills. But make a note to your mind that the Grand warden is a great hero for supporting.

Skins of Grand Warden

There are four of them

  • Grand warden
  • Party warden
  • Primal warden
  • Clockwork warden

The Royal Champion

The Royal champion is a female character, and she is known to be the fourth hero for the home village. This hero is scoring the highest D.P.S., moderating health and a targeted defense with her. She is jumping over walls and attack her enemies by throwing her spear within a distance. You have to know that this hero is never going to be afraid of enemies, and she is capable of taking down all the defense when she unlocks the seeking shield ability.

Royal champion is known to be an automatically summoned hero once the royal champion altar is created. Lt will be available in the 13th town hall. She will need one summon, but there will be a lot of time talking when regenerating her health when she gets hurts on the battlefield. Like most of the heroes, the Royal champion will not be upgraded in the laboratory, but she will by a builder.

Skins of Royal Champion

There are only two of them.

  • Royal champion
  • Winter champion

Battle machine

 There is a prize invention with this battle machine, and it is going to smash every enemy that builds into bits. If you want to give a good pounding for your enemies, then unlock the battle machine’s electric hammer ability.

You have to know that this is the first hero of the builder’s case, and he is the only one for it. It will require 5 of the builder hall for the repairing, and it costs 900,000 builder elixir for it. This hero belongs to the single target melee unit, and he has a hammer with him to smash everything. This battle machine will sit away from the battle machine altar when he is not performing any kind of attack.

Although other heroes are defending, the battle machine cannot be defended. That happens because this hero is constantly attacking another base, or he is upgrading. Then he will fail to start a fight for sure. The battle machine is available with 30 upgrades for him, and he is not like other heroes. He can make use of an ability related to non-passive several times when he is on the battlefield.

Best Heroes through LDPlayer

Best heroes will be available easier with LDlayer, and to hold them correctly, you need good controlling skills. Use it as the original use. LDPlayer has an original built with it to have your own kind of key mapping in it, and handling with all these superheroes is not so hard anymore.

Add your favourite movements to the key and save options for you to use with every hero. It will get players to get the maximum efforts from your best heroes and never waste a second. Now pack your things and join with these heroes with LDPlayer.


With LDPlayer Clash of Clans, you will earn the best heroes, as we mentioned and all of their best skills comes with significant control. All these heroes are masteries in their specialized skills. So this is your chance to make the best of your heroes and use the best gaming emulator to have your gaming experience with enlightening feeling. Now it is your time to earn and lay this amazing hero of Clash of Clans with LDPlayer.

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