Four Alternatives of Pixel’s Magic Eraser(Apps + Website)

The Google Pixel 6’s Magic Eraser has been popular in the market. It’s nothing unexpected, considering it is an exceptionally helpful tool/feature that was already simply accessible to individuals through photograph editing apps. At this point, Google has made the feature only to the Pixel series, but there are a few applications that have Magic Eraser-like abilities in them. We made a list of alternatives of Google Pixel‘s Magic Eraser and some of them are apps that can be run on any portable device and one is a website. For those who are uncomfortable in installing a number of apps.

Four Alternatives of Google Pixel’s Magic Eraser

1. TouchRetouch (App)


Download: Android | iOS

It is an application that is explicitly intended to eliminate undesirable items from pictures. The application covers photobombers, a wide range of items, and even skin imperfections and pimples. For individuals new to photograph editing, it gives an assortment of tutorials to use the application at its maximum capacity. It’s a straightforward application and, as you’d anticipate from a paid application, doesn’t display any irritating advertisements.

2. Adobe Lightroom Mobile (App)

Adobe Lightroom

Download: Android | iOS

This app additionally offers a Healing feature that users can use for the same purpose, but, it’s all the more an expert tool rather than a simple one. As it gives you command over what you need to replace the featured part with, but, this cycle can require a few minutes. Lightroom for Android is just accessible as a component of a more extensive membership bundle, that beginning at $10/month USD.

How to Use:

  • Select the pictures you need to import and edit using the FAB in the base right corner.
  • Pick the Healing device at the base and paint over the piece of the item you need to remove.​​​​
  • You would then be able to choose what part of the picture that you might want to use to replace the erased part.

3. Snapseed (App)


Download: Android | iOS

This app is from Google, Snapseed is one of the most solid photograph editing applications out there, and also its Heal tool can likewise assist with removing undesirable items from pictures. It’s totally free to use and is accessible for iOS devices too.

How to Use:

  • Load a picture and tap on Tools.
  • Pick Heal from the menu and just paint over the items you need to eliminate.

4. (Website)

Not at all like other applications in this listing, is a web app or website that is dependent on Samsung AI and is available across all gadgets whether your PC or tablet. It’s totally without any cost to use and doesn’t have any advertisements on the site.

Just upload the desired image and use the brush. You can undo a previous step at any time. And download the image.

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