What Is Liquid Screen Protector? And How Does It Goes With Tempered Glass?

liquid screen protector
liquid screen protector

Ease Of Use

While applying a tempered glass screen protector, you carefully apply it on the mobile phone screen using the pre-applied glue on the actual protector. The steps are basic and speedy.

With a liquid screen protector, you cut open a little bundle, apply the fluid to your mobile, and hang tight for it to dry. At the point when done appropriately, this can be successful, yet there’s that danger of making a wreck.

Quality Of Product

With regards to tempered glass, a few clients do remark on the thickness it adds to their mobiles. The thickest safety glass screen you can discover is just around 0.5mm. While this isn’t excessively thick, it tends to be more observable for certain clients when hitting buttons on their mobile.

The liquid glass alternatives you can buy are sleeker than tempered glass’ 0.5mm, and gratitude to being so flimsy, it’s scarcely observable for some. For clients that are searching for a sleeker screen protector, the liquid glass choice is the best approach.


Safety is the primary purpose behind purchasing a screen defender. You need to secure your screen when it gets knocked, dropped, or scratched. A tempered glass screen protector can come as hard as 9H, which is the most noteworthy rating on the hardness scale. A harder screen will mean there is to a lesser degree a possibility for your screen breaking and getting scratched.

A liquid screen protector, because of how meager it is, can’t offer the very degree of assurance that the thicker, harder tempered glass protector offers.

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