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Alternatives of Savefrom.net to Download Videos

Savefrom.net is a website to download videos from the internet. But, from April 28, 2020, it has shut down. There are some alternatives to savefrom.net, but some websites have been removed from the web and some of them are shady and full of advertisements that make your experience of downloading videos. In this article, we are going to tell you the list of alternatives of savefrom.net to download videos from the internet.

Four Alternatives of Savefrom.net to Download Videos

1. SuperParse.com


Go to SuperParse.com

With SuperParse, you can download videos from many major websites, including Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Reddit, TED, Tumblr, and that’s just the beginning. You’ll feel totally at ease with this video downloader.

The main disadvantage is that you can download up to 720p recordings, in contrast to most of Savefrom.net’s choices in this list. In any case, SuperParse makes up for the resolution constraint by supporting more sites.

2. y2mate


Go to y2mate

Y2mate just downloads YouTube videos. That is a significant limitation, yet the site is dependable. It has an instinctive UI and is extremely simple to use. Y2mate is also advertisement-free, in contrast to most video downloaders.

To download a YouTube video, duplicate the URL and glue it into Y2mate’s input area. Tap Start, and afterward pick your favored video quality from the download choices. Y2mate additionally allows you to download sound records from a video straightly in MP3 or M4A format. It upholds an assortment of video formats too, including MP4, M4V, 3GP, WMV, FLV, MO, MP3, WEBM.

3. Keepvid


Go to Keepvid

Keepvid offers similar functionality from Savefrom.net. It supports many websites, including Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, Daily Motion, Twitch, Tumblr, and Reddit. You can download in a range of video quality choices up to 4K. Obviously, the video quality choices change from one video to another. With Keepvid, you can even download audio-only versions of videos. This website likewise provides options to download videos in two different formats: MP4 and WEBM.

For YouTube, there’s an extra feature. You can connect a playlist from YouTube, and it will list all the download links of each video for simpler download. The issue is, you can’t just download the entire playlist with a solitary snap—you need to download each exclusively.

4. FileConverto


Go to FileConverto

Fileconverto is also a better Savefrom.net choice. With this specific website, you can download videos from YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Daily Motion, TED, Facebook, and Reddit.

It fundamentally saves videos in MP4 design, however, it has extra features that can help in extracting sound from videos, combining MP3 files, compressing videos, and more features. It’s likewise really simple to use, and it’s totally free from advertisements.

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