SEMRush Pricing and Alternatives in 2020

SEMRush is among the most popular platforms available in SEO and digital marketing, in general, with a very well-rounded range of functions for all your SEO needs.  It seems to have a useful weapon for keyword analysis and keyword recommendation, in-depth domain analytics with flexible monitoring (as well as real-time), and, among many others, a precious backlink analytics functionality. For those who want to give it a try, get Semrush free trial before making the purchase.

In this, we will analyze those alternatives to SEMRush, both charged and free. Let us begin with a few of the world’s famous free options available.

SEMRush Open Alternatives

We need free stuff, and all these free choices are perfect, just beginning out for small blogs, small firms with a limited budget. A few of them are also decent enough for large corporations that don’t even require SEMRush, Ahrefs, or several other paid keyword analysis software with advanced functionality.

1. Keyword Planner from Google

As many of us focus our SEO efforts on Google, this would only make perfect sense that each of the best keyword analysis resources possible is Google’s original Keyword Planner. The best thing is that you can use the Google Keyword Planner with no constraints if you have a Google account (that is also available).

2. Ubersuggest 

UberSuggest used to be such a free keyword testing and a domain analysis app, but lately, it has shifted to a paid service, though with some drawbacks, it provides an open plan. Neil Patel developed and will help you find suggestions for low-competitive keywords and surveillance on your rivals.

3. KWFinder  

KWFinder should be on the list of analysis resources for FREE keywords. It is an excellent platform for keyword analysis that involves using it with few constraints for free.  You can also get Google Autocomplete and challenge keywords for your seed keyword and then see their statistics. The specific portion supplies you with metrics relevant to your Seed keywords, where you’ll see your keyword patterns, including the complexity and search frequency.

KWFinder even lists the top 10 sites that rate with your keyword in Google. It doesn’t stop here. You will get a more precise concept of your rivals’ content and even get ideas from them.

4. Keg Keyword

Another robust free keyword analysis tool that I discovered recently is the keyword key. It gives you some impressive metrics such as On-Page, OFF-Page complexity, the most significant part I like about it, which could allow you to get rank for the keyword you are investigating. If you like to store keyword suggestions, you don’t need to build an account to use them.

Another nice thing is, with a single tap, you could copy keywords. You don’t have to individually copy one after the other as it has an alternative that helps you cope with such a single tap all keywords and their metrics.


Possibly the closest rival to SEMRush, in terms of functions and overall design, Ahrefs is quite close to SEMRush. Price-wise, Ahrefs also provides SEMRush with identical package deals. Both deals from Ahrefs are $0.95 cheaper than the products from SEMRush. You always pay less in the longer term, spending nearly a million every month.

Ahrefs’ pros:

As stated, Ahrefs provides SEMRush with a similar collection of tools for about a dollar cheaper per month. In the relation analytics team, Ahrefs is even better than SEMRush: disclosing many metrics and each one more precisely than SEMRush. Its keyword analysis feature is considerably behind SEMRush’s in the context, but it is catching up today.

6. Serpstat  

Serpstat would be another platform for the premium domain and backlink research that you can use for unlimited or can order without limitations to using it.  

Serpstat lets you do the following:

  • Domain review
  • Backlink track
  • Keyword tests
  • as well as the list goes forward

You always get SEO based metrics for the web by either accessing your domain or the domain of your competitors. It will encourage you to understand where your opponent is receiving traffic from, connecting to them, and much more. It’s a straightforward tool that allows you to have all this information without charge if, at the initial point, you won’t have to pay.

7. The Moz

In the overall SEO as well as the digital marketing world, Moz is an instantly identifiable name. They are known for establishing the Domain Authority rating score for search engines, a metric that hundreds of other SEO software incorporates into their sites. As well as irrespective of the platform’s features, whenever it comes to entry – level-friendliness, the Moz Pro’s web interface performs exceptionally well.

8. Backlinks Track

The ability to evaluate your backlink profile and your competitors is another vital function of SEMRush. The study of backlinks is essential so that you can escape the Google penalty due to reduced-quality links. At the same time, you can still obtain information on how to create your own by examining your rival’s backlinks. Monitor backlinks start at $47 / month, in which you can watch the domains of 1 domain and two competitors. As per, The Free Backlink Checker app, though, helps you to produce free reporting for two websites every week, which would be an excellent free choice for analytics of backlinks.

9. SpyFu 

As the name suggests, SpyFu is a method that focuses on spying on your rivals’ positions. SEMRush does deliver related functionality, but SpyFu ‘s rival analytics applications are more in-depth and complicated due to its oriented strategy. Other than that, SpyFu has been a little short in tools to examine your territory, but at just $33 / month, one-third the price of SEMRush, it is considerably more economical than SEMRush.

SpyFu Pros:

As stated, SpyFu costs only a third of SEMRush, Ahrefs, and Moz Pro while providing a very advanced collection of competitive analysis tools.

10. Powersuite for SEO

Eventually, the SEO Power Suite is a set of tools focused on the desktop that deals with four things: maintaining your backlink profile, monitoring your rating, spying on rivals, and auditing your website. Currently, the SEO Power suite has a free trial that you can use forever to evaluate the equipment yourself. But that doesn’t count as a free resource with any actual use in actual campaigns, as copying, uploading, or saving data is not allowed by free users.

Thus, Luckily for you, Master Blogging readers will get a 10 % discount for just a one-month lifelong license or a free license.

Conclusion :

We have listed above the top 10 tools for our viewers as a replacement of Semrush. However, Semrush is the most recommended tool ever in SEO domain. For indepth details about its plan, you can visit Semrush pricing and alternatives section.

Still, when budget is the constraint, giving other tools a try is still a wise decision.

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